Acne and Rosacea: The Complete Guide

From emergency solutions and camouflage to prevention and the psychological aspects, this sensitive guide to diagnosing and treating acne and rosacea from a leading expert in the field—a former sufferer herself
For readers who are suffering from acne or rosacea and want to clear their skin for good, this essential guide explains how to find the best treatment for each particular skin type and condition, revealing the very latest in skincare advice. All the treatment options are explained clearly, along with emergency solutions and tips on avoiding scarring. Sufferers will learn how to discover and manage any triggers to flushing, and will welcome advice on using camouflage or make up to mask redness or scars. Other areas covered include the relationship between acne and polycystic ovary syndrome, the best forms of sun protection, and the truth about alternative therapies. For mild or severe conditions, this practical guide contains the way to clearer, healthy skin.

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