100% TCA Trichloroacetic Acid Tattoo Removal Facial Peel Wart Mole Skin Tag Remover Lowest Price on Amazon Select Size (2.0oz / 60mL)

TCA @ 100%-50%: . At 100%-50% it should be applied conservatively because it is very strong. NEVER DO A FULL FACIAL CHEMCIAL PEEL AT 100%-20%. 100% TCA is very useful for removing skin problems such as warts, moles, skin tags, syringomas, cherry angiomas, and other benign growths. TCA Cross can also be safely done at these levels depending on how deep the scars.
TCA @ 50%-25%: It can also be used to remove tattoos at 25%-50% but not in large surface areas. The safest size applied at once should never be more than the size of a U.S. quarter for tattoos. Tattoos removal is advised at no more 25%-50% because at this level the skin is unlikely to be discolored. Tattoo removal can be uncomfortable with TCA for a couple of days after application. Do your research and make sure tattoo removal by TCA is right for you.
TCA@ 13%-15%: You can safely apply to the entire face TCA at 13%-15%. When doing a facial peel you want to notice a good amount whitening of the skin (frosting) but only at 13%-15%. The more frosting and the more even it is the better and deeper the peel will be. Most people think that in order to do a deep facial peel the need to buy higher strength. This is not only incorrect but dangerous. The correct way to gauge how deep you want to go is to start with a light peel and increase its strength with each peel. The more you apply the deeper the peeling will be. Start with 3 or 4 coats at 13%-15% and gradually add more coats when you get use to the procedure and understand it better. If you suffer from acne you can apply two coats before bedtime to kill the acne bacteria. It should cause any noticeable peeling but it should eliminate bacteria that cause acne
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