Tu’el ACNE SKIN custom Skin Care set 5 pc Set

Skin care is only as effective as the products that are used. A person can tend to their skin all day long, but if the products being applied are inferior, the results will be disappointing. This is true for skin care treatments as well. Using diluted or second-rate products in a skin care treatment will not inspire clients to continue the treatments in their home. Further if you are not insisting that your clients continue with the same products at home, your clients are not going to see the results they are coming to you for. Skin care treatments, facials, are meant to be boosters that can enhance the overall result of what your clients are trying to accomplish with their skin. But, no matter how great a skin care treatment is, if your clients are then going home and not maintaining the proper skin care on a daily basis , all the facials they get will never product the results your clients are paying for. Tu’el has created comprehensive treatment protocols to produce the most effective results from their products. These protocols are available for each professional along with the proper recommendations for your clients for at home care. These products use only the best of ingredients as well as the most potent of formulas. No matter what your clients are trying to achieve, Tu’el has a procedure to assist your clients to their skin care goals.