Natural Antibiotics Box Set: 15 of the Most Powerful Natural Antibiotics to Kills All Infections, to Cure Your Acne Without Chemicals and to Reduce Your … Books, herbal antibiotics and antivirals)

BOOK #1: Natural Antibiotics: 15 of the Most Powerful Natural Antibiotics That Kills All Infections

You can promote your own health, build resistance to bad pathogenic bacteria, and learn to cure any resistant illnesses by creating your own natural antibiotics. It’s an inexpensive process that is done with natural plants and herbs that are located throughout the world. Soon you’ll treat colds, flu, and bacterial disease with your own medicine that bacteria can’t build resistance to!

Wondering how to do this? Here’s a sneak peak of what’s inside. You’ll learn:The 15 best natural antibiotics available in the United StatesHow to create powders, tinctures, and teas that cure bad bacteriaNatural methods for boosting your immune systemWhat to drink so that you can increase your energy and vitalityHow to cure yourself from a poisonous snake or spider biteMiracle natural antibiotics that are in your home right now!

BOOK #2: Herbal Antibiotics: The Best Herbal Antibiotics To Cure Your Acne Without Chemicals

Do you hate showing your face when you have an outbreak of unsightly acne? Does your son or daughter dread going to school when their face is covered with blemishes? Have you considered the possibility that acne might be caused by bad bacteria within the body?

The science behind acne outbreaks is growing clearer and clearer. And so can your skin. By relying not on topical creams or treatments loaded with chemicals.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:The natural vitamins and minerals that help improve your skinHow certain herbs can improve your immune system and prevent outbreaksWhat dietary changes will keep your skin clean, clear and looking beautiful, andThe most important herbal based cleansers you can use to keep your skin healthy

BOOK #3: Natural Remedies: Amazing Natural Remedies That Can Help You Reduce Your Stress Level

Are you tired of using sleeping pills and harmful medications, and want to change your lifestyle? Congratulations, because you are at the right spot as the Natural Remedies: Amazing Natural Remedies That Can Help You Reduce Your Stress Level is particularly designed for you. It will help you to promote your health without having dependence on the modern medicines.

Contents of this book:Chapter 01: Natural Remedies and Optimum HealthChapter 02: Truth about Herbal Supplements for StressChapter 03: Famous Herbs to Reduce Stress LevelChapter 04: 10 Easy Ways to Relieve Stress NaturallyChapter 05: Herbal Teas to Reduce StressChapter 06: Spices to Reduce StressChapter 07: How food can influence your stress level and wrong ways to deal with stress?

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