MAXIMUS AETERNUM RADIANCE SHOTS KIT “The Milennium Extract” 2 vials + 1 DoktorDerma Titanium Micro Needles Roller – All our products are especially formulated, prepared and bottled for you when your order is placed. FREE SHIPPING Get yours in a few days with TNT Express Int. – For every 2 items ordered get a FREE full size vial of our most exclusive quintessential Serum MAXIMUS AETERNUM shot. Reverses skin to its most YOUTHFUL appearance. “The Millenium Blend” as featured in UsWeekly Magazine, and used by the world renowned Pat McGrath (Top Make-Up Artist to the stars and top models), who says she uses it on JENNIFER LOPEZ and her other Mega-Superstar Clients for what she calls an “INSTANT Magical Touch”. In combination with DoktorDerma’s Micro-Needling System, “The Milennium Extract” reverses skin to its most YOUTHFUL appearance FAST (Vanishing of Wrinkles, Imperfections, and Firming Skin OVERNIGHT). MAXIMUS AETERNUM includes 2 vials of 1.5ml of the “Millenium Extract” and The Genuine DoktorDerma-Roller Micro-Needle System While The POWER of the Transcending Rare Blend MAXIMUS AETERNUM is enhanced with the use of the DoktorDerma Micro-Needling 540 Titanium Micro-Needle Wand, it is also very effective on its own. Used as a day-cream, night-cream or Make-Up Primer, it will give your face an instant glow, radiance and extraordinary texture, while hydrating and nourishing your skin. The texture of MAXIMUS AETERNUM is quite extraordinary at the touch. While it looks like an oil, it slathers like a serum and leaves an oil-free, ultra-moisturized, velvet-like radiance. Using MAXIMUS AETERNUM as a Skin Therapy with the REAL DoktorDerma-Roller Micro-Needling System, has incredible youth-recovery properties, with the powerful potential to reverse the skin’s appearance to its child-like texture. Voted ALLURE MAGAZINE BEST ANTI-AGING BREAKTHROUGH. GET PERFECT SKIN NOW! InStyle BEST BEAUTY BUY Winner 2014, Voted the Very Best Elle Magazine Beauty Essential.

Pure concentrated highly active ingredients.
This item is Seasonal due to its Rare Hand-Harvested Extracts. It will only be available for sale while supplies last.

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