An Introduction to: Natural Home & Herbal Remedies – Covering Health Care basics- Meditation to Acne, Colds, Insomnia & More

"An Introduction to: Natural Home & Herbal Remedies & Health Care" covers a wide range of topics from body awareness, mediation, sleep, prevention and stress through to the A-Z of natural remedies for common ailments.

An introduction to Ayurvedic Methods & Wisdom, The Three Body Types: Fire, Earth, and Water/Air
and Basic health care with Ayurvedic Herbs & Oils is also included.

Other common aliments included:
Acid reflux, Acne & Allergies
Anxiety & Arthritis
Bites (insect), Bruises, Poor Circulation, Colds & Flus
Cold sores, Constipation, Cough, Cramps & Cuts and scrapes
Dandruff, Depression, Diarrhoea, Dry skin & Ear Infections
Eczema, Eye Infections, Gas & Headaches
Head Lice & High blood pressure, Insomnia
Sinus infections/congestion, Stings & Sweating
Swelling, Toothaches, Warts & Yeast infections